Lennox & Grace Candle Company



Founded by mother daughter duo, Lennox and Grace Candle Company is Florida’s pioneer in curating real luxury candlelight experiences. The company was founded in 2020, during the COVID Pandemic, after Andrea, President and face of the company, got engaged.

With a unique vision for her own candlelit wedding, Andrea was after something luxurious, elegant, and innovative. The candles that were in the market didn’t fit her vision. Not being able to find the perfect candle in the market, Andrea, and her mom, Soraya, decided to make it.

The long months during the pandemic were filled with research, testing, and intense education regarding the quality of candles and everything that came with it. With a unique eco-friendly blend and a Lennox and Grace Candle specialty wick, Andrea and Soraya brought an innovative approach to long-lasting luxury candlelight to the Florida market.

Bringing premiere, long lasting real candlelight wasn’t the only priority for this mother-daughter duo. A background in hospitality management and guest services, having worked with The Walt Disney Company, Andrea wanted to bring excellence not only in the quality of the product her company provided, but in the white-glove service that accompanied it.

Lennox and Grace Candle Company pride themselves in delivering a luxury candlelight experience that leaves everyone speechless. Not only does Lennox and Grace Candles provide luxury candle rentals, but their services include design and staging, white-glove installation services, polishing on-site, initial lighting of candlelight, on-site attendants, and delivery and pickup.

Lennox and Grace Candles come in varied sizes from 4” to 40” in height, perfect for tabletop and floor décor, providing unlimited designs.


And let us light up your night!